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Youth + Young Adults

Life is hard, going through teenagehood to young adults, making big choices in life, searching for purpose in life and values, friends, and navigating through right and wrongs. It is more assuring, supportive, and empowering to do life with others. We aim to equip and lead youth and young adults in a wider & deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Interested in meeting new friends and getting connected? Join us on Thursday and Friday fortnightly for fellowship and Bible study as well as sharing life experiences. This group is a place where youth and young adults can meet one another and get connected, help each other grow in their lives and walk with Christ and make lasting friendships. If you are new to our church or haven’t connected yet, this is a great group for you to join!

For young adult contact - Jason 0451 650 632

For youth contact - Tonga 0411 334 094  

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